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Historically, Ben Joseph L. created Central Concepts, Inc. to provide consultancy and brainstorming at a simplistic “conceptual” level for businesses in need of expanding their horizons, or just wanting to.

This consultancy project focused largely on support for brick & mortar (“B&M”) retailers concerned about the disappearance of their brick and mortar customers and the need to diversify and reinvent themselves.

The subvergence of B&M retail to e-commerce was met with great resistance by the B&M retailers and with good reason. Being an idealist at core, but a realist in practice, Ben Joseph helped B&M retailers apply their success in product development to marketplace proliferation.

The obsession was with the nuances of the Amazon platform which were and are as precarious as they are prosperous.

Central Concepts has more recently segued into the mode of brand developer, product sourcer and product developer, and now creates its own brands and licenses the brand or end product to retailers looking to own, market and retain all earnings on the products without sourcing and development. Besides this, Central Concepts is always looking to take a pre-existing brand to the moon. Central Concepts has helped multi-million dollar companies grow and has worked with companies who have gone from making less than six figures per annum to making millions of dollars per annum. See some of the brands we’ve developed or created here.

CC delivers world-class opportunities to world-class clients.

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